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'Days Without Strife' Playtest this August!

What is this? Who are you? Hello, my name is Ryan Whisenhunt (RyanMakesGames) and this August I’ll be running an online asynchronous team multiplayer game of my own design called   Days Without  Strife . This will be my 6th major iteration of the game , and this post is both an overview of what the game is about and an invitation to join the upcoming playtest. So What’s this About a Game? Days Without Strife   is a long form game of strategy, diplomacy, and intrigue played over the course of one week of real time, starting in the morning on Sunday and ending the evening of the following Saturday. It is played using a custom web interface. (No downloading or installation of anything is required) The game is played asynchronously, meaning the game runs constantly in the background of your life for the duration, requiring a minimum of about a half hour of interaction per day. You play as either part of a three player Faction vying for control of the world, or as a solo  Wildcard with the