Strife in August


What is this? Who are you?
Hello, my name is Ryan Whisenhunt (RyanMakesGames) and this August I’ll be running an online asynchronous team multiplayer game of my own design called Strife. This will be my 5th major iteration of Strife, and this post is an overview of what the game is about.

So What’s this About a Game?
Strife is a long form game of strategy, diplomacy, and intrigue played over the course of one week, starting the morning of Sunday Aug 1st and ending the evening of Saturday Aug 7th. It is played using a custom web interface. (No downloading or installation of anything is required)

The game is played asynchronously, meaning the game runs constantly in the background of your life for the duration, requiring a minimum of about a half hour of interaction per day.

Players take on the role of either a head of state of one of the Factions vying for control over this world in teams of three, or as a single player Wildcard with their own unique powers and agenda.

I can play with a team or by myself?
There are two kinds of forces in Strife, Factions and Wildcards.

Factions are 3 player teams made up of a Speaker in charge of diplomacy and espionage, a Commander in charge of the military, and a Planner in charge of resource management and upgrades (any unoccupied roles are shared by the other players). The Factions are the main players on the world stage, and much of the game is focused on them.

Wildcards are played by individual players and play a unique role in the world. Examples include the Patron (an otherworldly seller of boons), the Broker (a renegade spymaster-for-hire), and the Socialite (who throws just the best parties).

Note: If you want to play on a team, but don't have enough players, let me know. I may be able to pair some people up.

Alright, I Might be Interested. What Now?
If you are interested in being a part of the upcoming Strife game, are just interested in the concept, or have a question, feel free to email me at or DM me on Discord (RyanMakesGames #0527)